GMN Turkey and Negotiators Society in cooperation with MBBI-Turkey organized a training conference at the Near East University in Cyprus about “We Get What We Negotiate, Not What We Deserve” on December 10, 2018.

In 2017, GMN Turkey and GMN Brazil started a joint program aiming to create awareness on sustainable relations through win-win negotiations rather than competitive bargains. Dr.Deniz Kite Güner, MBBI-Turkey Chair, led the coordination of Turkey and East Asia while Dr. Jean Carlos Lima coordinated efforts in Brazil and Argentina. One of the most successful businesswomen in Turkey and the CEO of Alvimedica, Leyla Alaton, supported women negotiators who participated in this program.

The first phase, started in Istanbul on June 21, 2018, involved the training of negotiators from all sectors. This was followed by an advanced training organized by GMN Turkey and Babeş Bolyai University. The program, preparing for its first certificate exams in February 2019, has now graduated over 60 negotiators including 10 negotiators equipped with advanced training.

To broaden the awareness and develop a negotiation culture, the program invited its participants to organize activities within their region. Dr. Serap Özbaş led this effort and organized the first conference in Cyprus in collaboration with two MBBI-Turkey members, Dr. Özge Bengüsu and Anthony Kite. The conference attracted over 100 participants most of whom were university students and future teachers and focused on the key role of win-win negotiations in overcoming differences and resolving disputes more effectively.

Program leaders would like to thank Dr. Ismail Hakkı Mirici who supported this conference and encouraged students to participate inviting them to bring the negotiation culture to their classrooms.

This is a successful kickstart for many activities planned for 2019 in Turkey, Brazil, and Kyrgyzstan, in coordination with Dr. Jean Carlos Lima and Elvira Borombaeva.